2 Best Apps For Your New Phone In 2022

Here are 2 best apps for your new phone in 2022 to use and take a better experience out of the mobile’s features and also avoid any sort of software damage to your phone by minimum of memory loss.Install both these apps from playstore by name and take help from these apps through following details about these apps.1•Canva Whether you’re looking to level up your social media game, creating a birthday card or designing an event invitation, Canva can help bring out your creative side. It’s packed with free templates but also comes with plenty of tools if you want to start from scratch, and though it’s powerful enough to create professional looking results, it’s incredibly easy to pick up. It comes with a library of photos and illustrations — although you can just as easily upload your own — and it offers easy sharing via email or social platforms


.2•WhatsApp (Free)One of the best hidden gems within the Google Play Store, WhatsApp is a little-known app that… no, alright, you’ve already heard of this one. But sometimes the most popular apps get that way because they’re so good, and that’s certainly the case here.It’s now so ubiquitous that when many people say “I’ll message you,” it barely needs explaining that they mean via WhatsApp. And with good reason: its group chat features helped many families and friends stay in touch during lockdown, while its incredibly easy setup and syncing experience ensure even your tech-phobic dad can use it. The only drawback for some is that it’s part of the Facebook galaxy of apps, but that aside it’s about as essential as apps get.


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