Online Earning Without Investment 2022

Here is the amazing method gor online earning without investment from home on daily bases.You can make real cash daily by doing just simple tasks that will be described here for you.To make money online, you never need to invest any money before starting a particular task and your withdraw will be given to you instantly.Withdraw methods will also be described here for you.

These online earning methods can be found in some particular apps that will be described here along with their description to make you understand whole procedure for getting real money on daily bases.

So, let’s start with the description of apps that will pay you online earning without investment by staying at home.



This app is one of the amazing earning apps in the world that will help you to make 10$ daily at home by completing simple tasks.Tasks will be described here and this app will easily available on playstore for a free download.

So, let’s know about tasks list that this app offers you to make online earning.But, before that you must be happy to know that this app also works as world’s leading entertaining apps like tiktok, snack video app & likee app etc because you can create your own content on this app and upload it to become a megastar.But, the main difference that makes this app from other entertainment apps is that it pays you money for uploading your own content & this feature isn’t holded by any other app.So, it’s the unique feature and one of the best way to make money online through this app.

Know let’s start with other ways to make money through clipclaps app.

1•Watching Videos

2•Spin The Fortune Wheel.

3•Invite The Friends


1• Watching Videos.

As described earlier that this app pays you for uploading your own videos so, people who upload their videos, ypu will watch their videos also along with uploading your own.For watching these videos, you will get cash in the form of clapcoins which can be redeemed to real cash at anytime.

100k Clap coins = 1$

You will get clap coins for every second of watching a video and coins will be automatically added to your clap coins account from where you can redeem them and also withdraw your earning instantly.You can get tons of clap coins and there is no limit to earn clap coins through watching videos.You can do so for 24/7 to make money online.


2• Spinning The Fortune Wheel.

2nd amazing method to make money online is the spinning of fortune wheel for getting real cash and clap coins in clipclaps app.You will get a free spin after each 5 hours which you will use to try your luck.You will get either real cash from 0.1$ to 1$ or clap coins from 50 to 500.Bit, the main thing is that the spin is of two types 2nd type’s spin is the mega spin which you will get after a week.You will get only real cash through mega apin guarantedly which can be from 0.5$ to 10$.You never need to do anything for getting these spins except to wait for spending the certain time limit.


3•Invite the friend.

Inviting the friends is the most amazing earning method through clipclaps as you will get chance to get lucky treasure box that can be opened for getting tons of clap coins and real cash in the form of raffel tickets.

Raffel tickets are something that you will get through opening of treasure boxes and you will have to get certain number of raffel tickets to try your luck.You will get further details after installing the app and all proceedings are very easy.So, you can invitedl as many friends too get treasure box and get real cash instantly.


So, you have come to know about whole methods to make money fron clipclaps but the most amazing feature of clipclaps is yet to describe.This feature is not found in many apps and thia feature is it’s withdraw methods.

Moat number of withdrawal methods are found in clipclaps app which are;




Bank Account

Paypaal Account

Mobile Load

& many others will be found after installing the app from playstore.So, that was all from description of clipclaps app for making money online daily.


Minimum withdraw for clipclaps is 10$.Withdraw request can be given anytime after completing withdrawal limit.



2nd best online earning app is Savyour. Have you ever considered creating an app that gives you cash back when you spend online? No? Make an effort to save! It’s an online shopping (Best online shopping websites) app that includes everything on its portal, including incredible discounts and bargains. It makes internet purchasing cheaper and faster for us, from restaurants to everyday wear goods to groceries.


The best thing is that the more purchases you make through the app, the more cashback money is applied to your account, which you may withdraw at any time. Isn’t it a fantastic app?


Coin Switch

Coin Switch the insane earning app which helped me to earn $100 a month.



Fastest payout

Easy to earn


This app is easy to use, first of all sign up for this second to complete your KYC.


After completing KYC, you will get 50 rupees(1$) instant bonus from downloading my link which is given below.


After getting $1 into your account you have to wait for a few days to get profit from the Bitcoin price, basically this app is based on Bitcoin price if you invested $10 in this app then you will get $50 if the crypro currency’s price goes to higher.



InboxDollars is another popular money making app that lets you earn through surveys as well as a variety of other tasks.


InboxDollars is actually owned by the same company behind Swagbucks. However, there are some differences in the ways you can earn on the platforms, including the fact that it’s one of the few sites where you can get paid to read emails.

InboxDollars also rewards you in real money (not points) for the activities you complete. The downside? There’s a $30 minimum to cash-out, though the $5 sign-up bonus can help you reach that milestone.


Minimum withdrawal: $30 to cash-out


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